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The Borromean Island Gardens of Lake Maggiore

Whenever I have been asked where my interest in gardens came from, I recall a holiday from my childhood. Whilst many gardeners I have met...

The Spring Garden

Just when is spring? Spring starts and ends at different times depending on where you live.

The Garden in Literature (Part 2)

My last blog, 'The Garden in Literature (Part 1)' focused on great gardening books.

The Garden in Literature (Part 1)

Such is the plethora of books on gardening and the environment there is surely something for everybody.

The Changing Face of Gardening

Every aspect of gardening is changing.

The Joys of Spring

I have to admit that spring is my favourite season. This year it represents more than ever hope: the end of a particularly difficult winter...

Biosecurity in the UK

It might seem strange to mention Brexit and biosecurity in the same breath; and you might wonder what either of them have got to do...

The Future of Gardening

What will our gardens look like in ten years, or twenty even?


The year was 1637 and in February of that year an auction was held in Holland. 99 lots of tulip bulbs were bid on, and...

The Health Benefits of Gardening

I read the other day that one of the largest studies ever conducted on gardening which was funded by Innovate UK and the National Institute...