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Wines: Some Favourites From Brazil

While Brazil is a mainly tropical country, with numerous beautiful beaches, the south of the country experiences cold winters, with frosts and even snow occurring...

Wines: Some Favourites from Italy

Italy has many regions that produce excellent wines. Some wine producers are long-established, in very old wine producing areas.

Penederyn: Sprits of Wales

Penderyn, located in the foothills of the Brecon Beacons, has an excellent, multi award-winning Welsh distillery.

Olive Oil: Flavours of our time

Many people ask about the difference between regular olive oil and extra-virgin olive oil.

Drinks: Red or White to Whisky

In today’s modern times there are vast numbers of various wines and drinks, which include tried and tested favourites.

Wine: A Time For Sparkling

Enjoyed by many, sparkling wines hold a very dear place in the hearts of numerous people. To have for a celebration or event, a sparkling...

Wines: Some Favourite White’s

Many people enjoy a glass of white wine and, certainly, white wines (as do reds and other drinks) accompany numerous dishes too.

Drinks: Spirits of Audemus

The award-winning Audemus Company is located in Cognac, France. Audemus produces hand-crafted spirits, to an exceptional standard and quality, using the traditional methods, proven by...

Brewing Today: Mount Saint Bernard Abbey

A monastery can be a single building or, indeed, a collection of buildings that have living quarters and also places to work, for monks or...

It’s a Gin Thing!

Juniper berries form the base flavour for gins and productions of these alcoholic beverages dates back centuries.