“I don’t have any artwork for an advert? Is that a problem?”
No. We will design an advert for you free of charge for use in our Magazine.  If you have an existing logo or images you wish to use, please email studio@village-link.co.uk with your advert reference.

“I’ve booked a series of adverts – do I need to pay for them all at once”
No. You only pay per issue. You are committed to pay for the space you have booked in subsequent issues. All adverts must be paid for before going to print.

“I’ve booked a series of adverts – can I change the artwork for future issues”
Of course. Just let us know if you would like us to do that for you or email your new file, before the artwork deadline, to studio@village-link.co.uk.

“Can I see my advert before it is printed?”
Yes. A proof is emailed for your approval before we go to print.  If we don’t receive your approval or changes within 24 hours we will assume your approval and go to press with the advert as shown on the proof.

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