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With the largest home distribution of any magazine in Carlisle, Village Link Magazine is the perfect cost effective solution to promote your business.  

We can’t promise results, but we can promise you the audience!

The Village Link Magazine has been in our community for over ten years. Why has the Village Link Magazine continued to grow?  Because we get results!  Not only do we deliver on our promise to be a reliable and entertaining read we also fulfil our promise to physically deliver – through the doors of your potential customers – 10,000 copies every other month!

As an advertiser, you need to know how many copies are being produced and exactly where they are being distributed.  Distribution of the Village Link Magazine is targeted to ‘above average disposable income homes’, making your advert have the greatest chance of success.

  • Exceptional and unrivalled professional graphic design and high print specification
  • Reliable GPS tracked & hand distributed to a targeted 10,000 local homes
  • People like to buy locally from business they know and trust
  • Affordable advertising with prices starting from £25 per month!
  • Readers keep hold of the magazine until the next one lands
  • Carlisle based family run publication for local Carlisle people!
  • People like to buy locally from people they know and trust
  • Every issue is available online and is free to read
  • Excellent value for money with high exposure
  • Advertisers appear repeatedly because their adverts work!

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