Air fryer’s & Greek Filo and Feta Pie

I have finally succumbed and am now the proud owner of an air fryer.


Initially, I never really wanted one, but my mum, who is a chip lover, loves hers, so very kindly bought one for me. I have heard of people who have got rid of every other cooking device and only have an air fryer, as they claim it does everything. I’m not so sure about that, but it does serve a purpose, although I must admit that, to date, I haven’t been too adventurous with it.

I have mainly cooked meat and potatoes and have heated an odd thing up in it. It does cook very evenly and I haven’t had a disaster yet, apart from some bacon which I air fried to within an inch of its life! I find that they are quite big and take up a lot of room, so you need to find space for one in your kitchen. I come across all these videos of people doing amazing things in an air fryer, which I keep promising myself I will try soon.

So thank you mum for bringing me into the world of air fryers, it is a work in progress but one I am embracing. I feel I can’t give you an air fryer recipe just yet, as I haven’t really tried any, but it is something I will work on. So in the meantime, here is a great spring supper recipe– Greek Filo and Feta Pie –

Place 450g trimmed and sliced leeks in a pan with 2tbsp flat leaf parsley, 25g butter, 125ml white wine, salt and pepper, and bring to the boil. Cover the pan and cook over a low heat for 15/20 minutes. While the leeks are cooking whisk together 2 large eggs, 2 egg yolks, 150ml single cream, some grated nutmeg and salt and pepper. Stir into this 300g crumbled feta cheese and 175g of grated gruyere cheese. Once the leeks have cooled add to the egg mixture and mix together. Pre-heat your oven to 200ºC. Brush a 9” x 12” baking dish with butter. Unravel 250g filo pastry. Layer 6 sheets of filo pastry into the base of your dish, brushing each layer as you go with melted butter. Spoon in the filling and then layer another 6 sheets of filo pastry on top, again brushing each layer with butter. Bake the pie for 35/40 minutes until golden. Leave to stand for about 15 minutes before serving. Serve with a tossed salad and some crusty bread.


Jane Ferguson worked in the food industry and ran her own successful business for six years called ‘Pink Leaf Catering’.  She loves trying new recipes, and believes that delicious healthy food need not be complicated or take hours to make.


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