Spring Into Training With Your Dog

At last, after a cold and icy winter, spring is on the horizon. Longer days and brighter weather signal the opportunity for us to get out a bit more with our four legged friends!


It is the perfect time to spring into action and brush up on some outdoor training. If you live in Wetheral there is a fair chance you will have seen us out and about with Sansa and Mabel. And yes Mabel needs some work!

Reliable recall

If your dog is very young, or hasn’t had much time off the lead throughout the winter, it is essential to have a reliable recall in place. Starting your training with a recall lead can be especially helpful. A recall lead, is a 10 metre long line, which clips onto your dog’s collar and allows you to give them space to run around, whilst still having control. It is a great way to improve your dog’s recall, and can help to build confidence, trust and reliability.

In order to help communicate clearly with your dog, try to establish a recall word or whistle, rather than just using their name. I use the words “to me” for Sansa & Mabel. Other popular choices are a simple ‘come’, or ‘here boy/girl’. You could try ‘this way’ or even tempt them with ‘treats’! The list is endless. It is then important to make sure that the recall word you choose is used by everyone in the household. Consistency is key.

Recall needs to be fun and exciting for your dog. Getting cross, if your dog doesn’t come back straight away, can make coming back for them seem like a form of punishment and certainly isn’t fun. So only recall your dog when you know they will come back to you! This way you are setting your dog up to succeed.

If you have a current recall word that your dog is not responding to, you might like to consider introducing a new word for recall. Make sure that this new word is always linked to lots of praise and reward and never linked to any negativity.

During walks, frequently recall your dog back to you. This will help to stop any predictability of the walk ending or your dog being put back on the lead. If this is new training for your dog, rewarding each time will teach them how much fun recalling is. Over time, you can reduce the amount of rewards. If your dog is more experienced, only reward for good recalls. This will encourage your dog to respond better. We all like to be told when we have done something good, and our dogs are just the same! Making sure you have a high value reward in your pocket will always help.

Be respectful on walks

Here comes the serious stuff! Springtime doesn’t only bring out people with dogs. It brings out cyclists, joggers, small children, and lots of people who don’t own dogs! Whilst it is lovely to see our dogs running around and playing happily, we need to be mindful of everyone. If your dog chases bikes and joggers, or jumps up at people they meet, you will need to make sure that you can put them quickly and safely on the lead.

If you are struggling seek help, there are some fantastic dog training businesses in the area, we are using one at the moment to give Mabel that extra attention she needs and to be fair so do we!


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Spring Into Training With Your Dog

At last, after a cold and icy winter, spring is on the horizon. Longer days and brighter weather signal the opportunity for us to get out a bit more with our four legged friends!

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