Essential pointers for food toxicity and other potential hazards!

This marks the final article of 2023, and what a bustling year it has been for us at OSCAR Pet Foods Carlisle. Thank you so much for your valued support during 2023.


Let’s ensure it remains a happy time for both you and your pets by avoiding unnecessary visits to the vet. Here are some essential pointers regarding food toxicity and other potential hazards:

1. Chocolate: At the top of the toxicity list is chocolate, and during the holidays, high-quality dark chocolate is often in abundance. Should your pet get hold of some, try to find the packaging and estimate the amount consumed to provide accurate information to your vet.

2. Grapes and Dried Fruit: These can be problematic, particularly when found in holiday treats like mince pies, Christmas cake, Stollen, and snack bowls. Keep them out of your pet’s reach.

3. Macadamia Nuts: While some nuts are safe for dogs, macadamia nuts, often found in festive assortments, are more toxic and should be avoided.

4. Alcoholic Drinks: Leftover alcohol can be enticing to dogs, leading to symptoms ranging from nausea to severe poisoning. Ensure that these remnants are well out of reach.

5. Overindulgence: While a small serving of lean turkey and boiled vegetables can make a delightful Christmas meal for your dog, excessive consumption of fatty foods like turkey skin or roast potatoes may lead to pancreatitis. Stuffing or gravy containing onions or garlic should also be avoided due to their toxicity.

6. Poultry Bones: Be cautious with turkey carcasses, as cooked poultry bones can cause intestinal damage if ingested.

Additionally, during the holiday season, veterinarians often see cases of pets ingesting foreign objects like presents, toys, or ornaments. If you suspect your pet has swallowed something inedible, promptly seek advice from your vet.

To prevent these risks, plan ahead by keeping decorations and potential food-containing gifts out of your pet’s reach. If you’re hosting a gathering, consider providing a safe space like a pen or crate where your dog can enjoy a dog-safe chew toy, ensuring the safety of your guests’ snacks.

Remember, dangers can also lurk outdoors during the winter. Engine antifreeze is particularly hazardous, as it can lead to acute kidney failure if ingested. Be vigilant around puddles on driveways, garages, or farmyards.

Additionally, rock salt used on pavements can be harmful to pets if licked off their paws. After a walk, rinse your pet’s paws with clean water to prevent any adverse effects.

As we look forward to 2024, we’re already planning our schedule of shows and events. If you’re organising a village fete or event and would like us to be a part of it, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Warm regards,Stuart, Jane, and the pawsum two Sansa and Mabel


OSCAR Pet Foods Carlisle offer a wide range of foods for dogs, cats in order to cater for your pet's needs throughout their lives.  Diets include grain free, gluten free, weight control and joint care support. Contact Stuart Edgar on 01228 658143  or Mobile: 07486 457 237, or visit for more information.


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