Flamingo Flockdown

Rebecca Tyson has been developing ideas to support children’s mental health and wellbeing throughout her 15-year career working as a qualified nursey nurse and within pre-school settings.


Born in Carlisle, Cumbria, where Rebecca lives with her husband and three children, Rebecca has spent the past three years pursuing her creative ambition to write her first children’s picture book, based around the characters she has created – the Flamingo Friends.

“Flamingo Flockdown” by Rebecca Tyson is her first publication and introduces you to a special group of friends who share their feelings, work through their worries and see the very best in each other. Directly addressing the challenges little ones have had to face due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the children’s book provides adults and children alike with the opportunity to reflect on some of the very difficult situations we have worked through over the past 24 months and encourages talk and reflection to help come out the other side of the pandemic and heal children’s worries.

Rebecca has completed several learning courses to specialise in children’s mental health, well-being and mindfulness. She has many other stories which the Flamingo Friends want to share. In fact, this wasn’t ever really intended to be the first story, but then the pandemic hit.

Flamingo Flockdown Rebecca Tyson Villagelink

Flamingo Flockdown publication, courtesy of Plus 3k Studios © Rebecca Tyson 

Rebecca says:

“The Flamingo Friends are a group of characters who each have their own individual personalities and traits. Through these stories, I want to help children realise and understand it is ok for everyone to have their unique differences. For example, Maria is a worrier, but her worrying is a recognised feeling that we all experience so it’s great to be talked about. Flavia is very confident and Freddie extremely shy – I hope I can elaborate on the friends’ differences in future stories, including how (on closer inspection) they all look wonderfully different too.

To bring the Flamingos to life Rebecca has worked with local animation company Plus 3k Studios and Creative Director Lou Neath.  

Rebecca said:  “Lou ensured each of the characters were a true visual representation of how I saw them. It was important to capture the quirks of each character and there were many beak tweaks along the way but together we have produced a gorgeous group of fun, friendly birds.” 

Rebecca is now looking for opportunities to promote the book throughout the city and surrounding area and for potential stockists to help share the Flamingo Friends story. 

Images Flamingo Flockdown publication, courtesy of Plus 3k Studios © Rebecca Tyson 

For further information, enquiries or images please contact Rebecca directly on 07813615187 or email rebeccaj280@hotmail.com 



Purchases:   Flamingo Flockdown can be purchased from the publisher’s website at www.pegasuspublishers.com or by calling 01223 370012. 

RRP: £7.99        ISBN: 9781838755263 

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