How to look after your nails during winter

Robin of Neet Feet explains how to look after your toenails during these cold winter months!


During cold weather, the nail plate becomes dehydrated, resulting in peeling and splitting nails, which fray at the edges. As a consequence, the nails may break and become more fragile, and can easily catch on clothing.
One thing I would recommend is to use a moisturiser daily, preferably one containing alpha-hydroxy acids, which help moisturiser nails.

Another consequence of cold weather is decreased circulation to the fingers and toes, which may result in Raynaud’s Phenomenon. It may cause fingers to become discoloured, alternating from red to white to blue, and is often painful.

One consequence of Raynaud’s Syndrome is lifting of the nail plate from the nail bed. Should this persist, the nail may become susceptible to fungal infections. Fungus organisms love to infest these wide, open spaces. Keeping nails trimmed short will help prevent this, thus reducing trauma and creating less area for the fungus to invade. Keep in mind that fungal infections occur more often in toenails than in fingernails due to the moist environment in shoes.

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