Inside Story with Shane of Aspect Landscaping Services

We had the pleasure of talking to our member, Shane Hepworth of Aspect Landscaping Services on his life as a builder and garden designer.


Owner of Aspect Landscaping Services, Shane Hepworth, 50, lives in Carlisle, with his fiancee.  A plasterer by trade, Shane has been involved in the building industry since leaving school, but his focus for the past few years has solely been designing and building gardens.  Growing up he always wanted to be a Stonemason.

Hi Shane! What aspect of gardening do you specialise in? 

We specialise in complete garden design and build from huge 60k+ jobs to small patios and specialise in higher end work.

What are some of the considerations when landscaping a garden from scratch? 

Firstly, you must think about drainage and where water is going to go when it rains heavily,  and what the garden or land you are working on is like, in terms of  gradient.  I spend hours designing with my customers, discovering what their needs are what exactly it is they are looking for.

What has been your favourite project so far, and why?

 It would have to be a large three tier garden at Little Corby last year. It was designed to have three different sections — all for different purposes. The first tier was a large patio with staircase leading from the house. The second section was a growing area with large planters and green house. The third section was a entertainment area which featured a large pergola and patio. There was a large path with a grand staircase going from the top tier to the bottom tier  (see photos above).

What do you think is best for a low maintenance garden?

That depends on the customer and their needs.  There is really no such thing as low maintenance — with our weather patterns up here, even a simple patio will go green and need maintaining. The worst thing for maintenance is decking — I personally hate it!

How do you describe your own garden?

I have a large garden which is an old orchard, but I’m still at the building stage.  I’m always doing everyone else’s apart from my own!

What plants could you never do without?

My fruit trees. 

Whats the most common problem you come across when designing a garden and how do you overcome it?

Sloping gardens are a real pain for people.  I usually re-design them with different sections which works very well.

What do you love most about living in Carlisle and do you have any favourite places/restaurants?

I love Carlisle – it’s just the right size!  Alexandros Greek Restaurant is my favourite pleace to eat out.

Finally, do you have any tips for aspiring gardeners in Carlisle?

Prepare to get your hands dirty!  It’s hard work that pays off when you see the end results.  There is nothing better than a customers reaction to their new garden.

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You can contact Shane at Aspect Landscaping Services on Facebook or call 07984 090498
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