Marmalade & Whiskey Bread and Butter Pudding

Did you know that every year there is a Marmalade Awards which takes place at Dalemain, near Penrith?


If you are from Cumbria you have no doubt heard of it. However, this is no small event for a few, but attracts people from all over the world and is taken very seriously. It is, in fact called ‘The Dalemain World Marmalade Awards’. 

Apparently, it began in 2005 with an idea to celebrate community and educate through cooking, champion marmalade makers and raise money for charity. The event happens every April and the openings for entries are in January each year. Amazingly there are 15 categories ensuring that there is something for every marmalade maker, from the expert home-cook to an adventurous first-timer.

According to their website it is ‘a particularly eccentric day out for anyone with more than a little marmalade fanaticism in their veins’. I must admit I have never entered myself but I love the idea of it. Maybe one day, who knows!

Keeping marmalade in mind I found this amazing pudding on the BBC Good Food website called ‘Marmalade and Whiskey Bread and Butter Pudding’.

Generously butter 8 slices of day old white bread with very soft butter, and then spread 4 of the slices with 1 tbsp marmalade each. Put the remaining bread on top to make 4 marmalade sandwiches. Cut into triangles and nestle in rows in a large baking dish. Heat your oven to 160C/140C fan/gas 3. Beat 300ml of full fat milk, 248ml double cream, 3 eggs, 1tsp vanilla extract, 4tbsp golden caster sugar and 1tbsp whisky together, then pour over the bread. Leave to soak for 30 minutes. Dot 4tsp marmalade over the top of the pudding and dust with some icing sugar. Bake for 45 minutes to 1 hour or until puffy and starting to caramelise. Serve hot or warm with some homemade custard. Delicious on a cold winter’s night.


Jane Ferguson worked in the food industry and ran her own successful business for six years called ‘Pink Leaf Catering’.  She loves trying new recipes, and believes that delicious healthy food need not be complicated or take hours to make.

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