My Doors of Destiny

Oldham-born entertainer releases book on life obstacles


The purpose for me writing this book, was not only part part of my survival from mental health and menopause- but coping as well with the dreaded Covid hitting the world and putting us in lockdown. I hope this book can inspire at least one reader, if not more, when going through difficult times.
It is my personal journey through life and especially the menopause.
I have tried to include supporting resources, in which helped me get to where I am today.
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Hot off the Press – “My Doors of Destiny” by Judith Cook

Judith, from Highwood Crescent, Carlisle, was a singer for over 20 years, but when she hit middle age she began to suffer with her mental health.  Since getting her life back on track Mrs Cook has also teamed up with NHS North Cumbria CCG to produce a video that will hopefully help others in a similar situation.
Judith says:
“This is  a true life autobiography – the full journey from the start of my life in Oldham, to now living in Carlisle, Cumbria- and all the places in between! I have travelled all over following my passion for singing and entertaining.  I have loved, lost, hurt, healed and I am still learning lots about this special journey called ‘life’. I am supporting many charities and organisations who have helped me survive.
If you visit my website, , I keep it up to date with everything- support, inspirational talks, interviews, NHS updates and my love of singing & performing. 
You can see everything in which I have completed since launching the book as well as all the performances I have done in lockdown and now, back at local venues in Cumbria- in front of audiences again- which has been very much needed for not only myself, but them!
I have also been fortunate to get my message across many PR platforms. You can find the links on my website or if you follow the links below:
I have also been fortunate to get my message across many PR platforms.
You can find the links on my website or if you follow the links below: (BBC Radio Cumbria interview. 1:15)

The following video is a message from Pam Birks, Mayor, Carlisle City Council. She shares her own personal experiences of the menopause as well as well as a review of My Doors of Destiny.  Please take the time to watch this:

Contact Judith on:

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