Brewing Today: Mount Saint Bernard Abbey

A monastery can be a single building or, indeed, a collection of buildings that have living quarters and also places to work, for monks or nuns and usually a place for prayer – possibly a chapel or church, for example.


Self-sufficient monasteries can include a school, plus agricultural aspects, manufacturing facilities, plus other activities and pursuits, too. Mount Saint Bernard Abbey is located near Coalville, Leicestershire. This Roman Catholic Trappist monastery was established during 1835. The Abbey Church is dedicated to the Greater Glory of God and recorded as being in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Bernard.

Mount Saint Bernard Abbey offers many interesting features for visitors, from both the UK and worldwide origins, throughout the year. The Abbey Shop has numerous, most appealing items and products for sale, including a good number of books, with some authored by the monks. Cards, gifts, pictures, pottery and honey (from their own apiary), are all available and more, such as rosaries, chants and music – perhaps something for a special present?

Award-winning TYNT MEADOW ENGLISH TRAPPIST ALE (7.4% vol) is a very popular production, by Mount Saint Bernard Abbey. During 2017/18 space was created for a new brewery, with the production of the beer being carried out by the monks. The labelling for the bottled beer bows to and honours a 12th century Cistercian script, created by Brother Anselm Baker, who was an early monk of the community and an artist of note. The name ‘Tynt Meadow’ reflects and respects connections with the land and monastic life here for nearly 200 years. This full-bodied beer is fermented twice and utilises English barley and hops, plus an English strain of yeast, all to great advantage. The deepish- brown colour has a reddened hue and entices to the gentle aroma, evoking thoughts of dark fruits. I found the beer to be well-balanced, having overtones of chocolate. The very pleasurable mouthfeel continues on, to the palate’s delight, for a memorable finish.

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