Drinks: Gin is in

This flavoured white spirit utilises barley, corn or rye in its distillation and dates from the Middle Ages


The base flavour comes from juniper berries. Different styles of gin are available today, including flavoured variations. Gin cocktails are a regular choice, for numerous ‘devotees’ and the world-renowned ‘Gin & Tonic’ is always a favourite, with many.

Highclere Castle is located approx 5 miles south of Newbury, Hampshire and is home to the 8th Earl and Countess of Carnarvon. A lot of very interesting history of this property and grounds is well-documented. Highclere Castle and the Estate have been used, both internally and externally, for a good number of films and TV productions and known around the world as the fictional setting for the hugely popular production of Downton Abbey.

The Estate is very impressive indeed. The Carnarvon family have resided at Highclere Castle since 1679. Royal guests, plus statesmen, famous musicians and celebrities, are all amongst numerous visitors who have been welcomed to this exceptional property and location.

Highclere Castle Gin (Alc. 43.5% Vol.) is multi award-winning and is produced from one of the oldest copper gin stills, dating back to the 19th century, in England’s oldest gin distillery. Very carefully, botanicals, grown on the Highclere Estate, were selected and then after many, many weeks and months of experimenting, finally the selections were chosen for the recipe.

The botanicals include essential oils and give Highclere Gin its outstanding, unique, smooth and elegant flavour. Juniper, lavender, coriander, lime flower, citrus peels, angelica root, cassia bark, green cardamom, liquorice root and peppercorns, plus Highclere oats are all included to produce the exquisite production that is Highclere Castle Gin.

A phrase I have never used before is, “Try it, to believe it!” On its Own, with Ice, Gin & Tonic, Classic Martini, Negroni, White Lady, or whatever a favourite choice is, I found this gin most certainly did not disappoint – the prestigious awards that keep coming, are testament to that!

Tel: +44 (0) 1635 253 210 E-mail:contact@highclerecastlespirits.com       www.highclerecastlegin.com    www.highclerecastle.co.uk

Highclere Castle Spirits Estate Office, Highclere Park, Newbury, RG20 9RN


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