Drinks: Spirits of Audemus

The award-winning Audemus Company is located in Cognac, France. Audemus produces hand-crafted spirits, to an exceptional standard and quality, using the traditional methods, proven by previous generations of distilling personnel, along with modern technology. The company was founded by Miko, during 2013, who had already achieved several years of distilling cognac.


AUDEMUS PINK PEPPER GIN (44% vol) has nine ingredients that are infused and complement each other, to create this production. Hand-picked pink peppercorns, juniper, and honey (locally-sourced), plus four other botanicals are distilled separately and then come together, with vanilla and tonka bean infusions. I found this Pink Pepper Gin to be smooth, spicy and with an enticing nasal sensation, having the power to satisfy the mouthfeel and palate, wonderfully. A favourite for many gin lovers, particularly when served over ice.

AUDEMUS UMAMI GIN (42% vol)  utilises distilled Southern Italian capers. With the inclusion of other ingredients, such as juniper and Parmigiano-Reggiano (Italian parmesan cheese), this gin continues to grow in popularity. As a perfectly blended delectation, it is rested in old cognac barrels for several months. The final production exudes freshness and depth of flavour, with the Sicilian capers, juniper, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Bergamot and ex-cognac barrel finish bringing delight to gin connoisseurs. Innovative and most satisfying, sums it up for me, without hesitation.

Other very popular spirits include AUDEMUS COVERT LIQUEUR which uses fig leaves, honey and cognac to a great advantage. The delights of the eyes and nose are advanced further, by the mouth’s pleasures. This brightly-coloured liqueur has a ‘touch’ of cane sugar, which balances the sweetness to perfection. Great, by itself or with ice and to commence a dining occasion, plus after a meal too.

Beautifully packaged gift boxes and other accompaniments are available also – Perhaps a surprise for someone special? For information and details of products, including flagships, limited editions, collaborations, stockists and online ordering, please contact and/or visit their informative and very interesting website. E-mail; sunshines@audemus-spirits.com  www.audemus-spirits.com

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