It’s a Gin Thing!

Juniper berries form the base flavour for gins and productions of these alcoholic beverages dates back centuries.


Today, many different botanicals can be and are used, to great advantage, to produce gins that are a clear liquid through to a great number of coloured variations, which are appreciated and loved by numerous gin connoisseurs. Gin cocktails are hugely popular too and have devotees, globally. For some gin lovers a simple gin & tonic is satisfying and welcoming. I searched for a company producing a good range of handcrafted gins, that utilises botanicals to create outstanding gins, which appeal to many.

The Ruddy Fine Distillery is very proud of their productions, which have been developed over recent years, by Cheryl Stretton and Rory Thorpe. Their LONDON DRY GIN (42% ABV) is infused with 11 botanicals, all carefully selected to provide an excellent, balanced product. The sweetness of orange zest is complemented by fragrant spices and botanicals, to produce this smooth, extremely popular gin. Botanicals used for the production of this gin include the exotic lemongrass.

SUMMER BERRIES GIN (42% ABV) has, as the name suggests, juicy berries, evoking thoughts of summer in England. Red fruits are in abundance, for the bouquet. Again, excellent on the mouthfeel and palate’s sensation. Cardamom combines with the other botanicals, to provide this ‘pink favourite’, that pink gin lovers fully enjoy.

Other Ruddy Fine gin productions include NAVY STRENGTH GIN, CHRISTMAS GIN (Limited Edition) and LOCKDOWN GIN (Limited Edition). Gift vouchers are available too, plus other merchandise to complement the range. The Ruddy Fine Distillery, created by Cheryl Stretton and Rory Thorpe, is located in the pretty, rural village of Ruddington, Nottinghamshire.

The Ruddy Fine Gin Club is very popular, with memberships steadily increasing. For a ‘something different’ type of gift the Ruddy Fine Minis Gift Boxes are very attractively presented and could be the answer. As Cheryl and Rory say, “Our passion and desire to create the finest small batch craft gins comes through in every refreshing sip”. For all details and information please contact or visit their website.

The Ruddy Fine Distillery Ltd, 39 Nottingham South & Wilford Industrial Estate, Ruddington Lane, Nottingham NG11 7EP. Tel: 07540 096 234 E-mail:

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