Oram’s ‘Real Cumberland Hams’

Orams grocery shop 81 -83 Lowther Street was founded by William Boustead Oram who died in 1919 at his house, Eden Bank, at Wetheral.


The datestone shows the shop was built in 1901. Later, in order to modernise, the company changed its name to Bi-Rite, becoming a supermarket and staying in the same building.

As well as being a grocer William Oram had a butchery department which specialised in Cumberland Hams. Here, inside the shop, hams hang from the ceiling. On this occasion staff have posed for the photograph.

Their ‘Real Cumberland Hams’ were advertised in 1891 as being of the finest quality. This is only one of many businesses that thrived in Lowther Street during the last century.

There is much more about this historic street in the new book by Denis Perriam, recently published by myself, entitled ‘Carlisle’s Street series – Lowther Street.’ Available at Bookends, Tullie House and other outlets.

David Ramshaw

David Ramshaw
Author: David Ramshaw

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