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  • David Ramshaw


Shipbuilding in Carlisle

The Carlisle Ship Canal gave Carlisle an outlet to the Solway at Port Carlisle from 1821 – 1853. Over this period ocean going ships were...

Crofton Land Settlement Association

In 1934 the Government developed a scheme for unemployed miners and shipbuilders to work on the land.

When Electric Light came to Tullie House

The Tullie House Committee gifted the house and contents to the City Corporation on 11 August 1890 (City Minutes).

Kirklinton Hall

Kirklinton Hall is now just a ruined shell but it was not always so.

Wetheral Cells

Wetheral cells are three ancient vaulted rooms carved out of the solid sandstone outcrop on the west bank of the Eden, south of the Wetheral...

Artists in the Past

Local artist, John Forsyth (grandfather of Dorothy Carruthers) from Great Corby, Carlisle

Local ‘Land Girls’

The Women’s Land Army (WLA) was established during World War 1 as the Government, needed to re-vitalise home agriculture, fearing food shortages.