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Cycle Dealers in Carlisle

Pultney Corrie was born in Carlisle in 1856. At first he was a tobacconist but by 1893 he was advertised as a cycle agent in...

Carlisle – home to the first pillar box in mainland Britain

The Post Office archives record that the first box in mainland Britain was erected in Botchergate, Carlisle, in 1853. This is commemorated today with a replica...

When railway wagons were built on the Crescent

The railway carriage below, built by Tweedale and Barton for the Stockton and Darlington line in 1846, is preserved in the National Collection.

Carlisle Canal Water Supply

The basin of the Carlisle Canal, off Port Road, was supplied by water from a reservoir at Ratlingate, before reaching the first lock near Monkhill.

Gallows Hill (Harraby Hill)

Because of its prominence as one of the highest points overlooking Carlisle and being at the side of the important southern route in and out...

Stanwix – Hysspo Holme Well

Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis), a herb with a usually blue flower, could have been brought by the Romans to Stanwix when the climate was warmer. The...

The Ferry which ran from Silloth to Dublin

The ‘Yarrow’ provided a twice weekly service between Silloth and Dublin.

Oram’s ‘Real Cumberland Hams’

Orams grocery shop 81 -83 Lowther Street was founded by William Boustead Oram who died in 1919 at his house, Eden Bank, at Wetheral.

Underwoods Lemonade Works

Many of you will remember Underwoods lemonade on sale in Carlisle in the 50’s, 60’s when the ’pop’ wagon delivered to your door.

Markets in Lowther Street

Lowther Street was the last street to be built in Carlisle when the East City Wall was demolished in 1808 and was initially a cul...