Prosecco: A Joy of Life

For this quest I searched for a company that produces a range of high-quality prosecco wines, with impressive bottle presentations.


There are many producers of sparkling, aromatic, prosecco wine. Bottega has a very interesting history, both during the 20th century and into the 21st century. The eye-catching bottles and a great number of the wines are award-winning. The bottles are created by artisan crafts people and are really distinguishable. From their prosecco range I found the following to be very impressive.

Bottega Poeti Prosecco (DOC) is fresh, fragrant and has a floral bouquet. This wine is a very popular, dry production and favoured by many. Bottega Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore (DOCG) Extra Dry is another poets’ wine which is also very popular. Having a brilliant straw-yellow colour, too, this fresh and fragrant wine graces many dining occasions, regularly.

Bottega Prosecco (DOC) Biologico Extra Dry is often chosen and has many devotees. This organic production is, again, a brilliant straw-yellow colour. Very fine, fresh, fruity and delicate is how I would describe this, much sought-after, prosecco.

Bottega Prosecco (DOC) Fundum I found to be a splendid dry production, that has plenty of fruits, to please. The mouthfeel and palate sensation is fresh, with a good finish. Gold Poeti Prosecco (DOC) is a further very classy production from Bottega. Fresh, aromatic and very impressive, this wine comes in a magnificent gold-coloured bottle. Again, a fruity bouquet prevails, which leads, enticingly, to the wonderful mouthfeel.

The palate is treated to a sensation that is impressively pleasant and memorable. The glamour of the bottle presentation adds to the pleasures of this production, which is extremely popular for special occasions and also makes a really wonderful gift.

Prosecco wines, having a persistent and fine perlage, are perfect for apéritifs and excellent to pair with starters, also fish, seafood and white meats. Prosecco and other wines, including grappa, plus liqueurs, along with a range of other products, are all made with much knowledge, love and devotion, so the finished Bottega productions are of the highest quality and quite exceptional.


Independent Restaurant and Wine reviews. Trevor is not associated with any of the products or venues featured.


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