The Liquid Deli – Demijohn

There are numerous liqueurs which can be located and, depending on liking and tastes, are every good, too


For hundreds of years liqueurs have been made, loved and appreciated, being one of the most popular alcoholic drinks around. Different herbs and fruits are included in the ingredients for the recipes, many of which are closely-guarded. If cocktails are a passion, then liqueurs will add a ‘zing’ and turn ok into the ‘WOW’ factor.

Demijohn, a liquid deli, was established during 2004 by Angus and Frances Ferguson. This family-run company quickly gained a reputation for high-quality liqueurs. Multi award-winning Demijohn goes to great lengths to source new ingredients, liqueurs, spirits, oils and vinegars from many locations in the UK and Europe.

Eye-catching, beautifully-shaped glass bottles, decanters and containers, of various sizes, are an added bonus for the impressive presentation of products. The bottles, decanters and containers are reusable and a complimentary personal message can be included, on request.

From the popular productions, utilising many fruits, including raspberries, damsons, cherries, blackcurrants and gooseberries, to Rhubarb Vodka and Apricot Brandy, plus so much more, there are plenty of choices and something for all tastes and palates, including organics.

Several have a ‘following’ of devotees and regularly grace a great number of dining occasions – particularly a fine, favourite liqueur, for accompanying desserts or to enjoy afterwards. I located Chocolate Rum Liqueur and found this exceptional, with outstanding balance, texture and flavour. Toffee Whisky Liqueur is very popular, as are Demijohn’s Limoncello Liqueur and also Walnut Liqueur, plus Grapefruitcello – superb!

Demijohn’s shop is located in York, with more stores planned. Online ordering is available (and easy), too. Deliveries are efficient and reliable. Liqueurs, whiskies, wines and spirits are all within their excellent ranges, plus superb oils and vinegars. Hampers and attractive gift packages are available, plus gift vouchers – perhaps surprise someone special?

The website has all details and includes information on products, recipes, as well as particulars about gifts, weddings and ceremonies, also how to book a tasting event – now there’s a thought!

Excellent and impressive products, presented with distinction.

Tel: 0845 604 8350


Independent Restaurant and Wine reviews. Trevor is not associated with any of the products or venues featured.


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