Wine Selection: Choosing Zweigelt

Austria produces most excellent wines of all types, many of which are award-winning. Zweigelt is the most-planted red wine grape variety in Austria and the high-quality wines produced are now recognised around the world.


The Zweigelt grape varietal is very capable of creating wines from dry to sweet, easy-drinking, to more complex, full-bodied productions, with grand notes of Morello cherry. Zweigelt ice wines are increasing in popularity worldwide, too.

INGRID and MARKUS IRO have a very well-established winery. Zweigelt wines account for approx 20% of their total productions at this time and are appreciated by many ‘devotees’. Neusiedlersee DAC Zweigelt (13.5% vol) and Zweigelt ried Ungerberg (14% vol) are extremely popular, from Iro’s ranges. E-mail:

HANS MICHAEL and ANDREAS NITTNAUS produce wines to an exceptional standard, too. Zweigelt is some 35% of total productions, currently. Neusiedlersee DAC Blauer Zweigelt (13.0% vol) and ried Goldberg Neusiedlersee DAC Reserve (13.5% vol) are regular choices for many lovers of Zweigelt and Nittnaus family wines. E-mail:

HANNES REEH produces Zweigelt wines that are very much respected. The Zweigelt varietal occupies around 60% of their total wine productions today. Neusiedlersee DAC Zweigelt (13.o% vol) I found to be another splendid example of this varietal and, if a sparkling Zweigelt is required (great for welcoming guests with and for parties) then Reehbellion (13.0% vol) certainly will not disappoint – A sparkling delight! E-mail:

Zweigelt-based wines offer several trocken preferences. Created by Dr. Fritz Zweigelt, during 1922, the splendid productions continue to gain more popularity each year, globally. Zweigelt grapes are now grown in numerous winegrowing regions of Austria. From the enticing bouquet of the wine, through the elegant, fruity mouthfeel, leading on to the palate’s pleasure, Zweigelt wines carry on pleasing. Wonderful to accompany pasta dishes, meat dishes, casseroles and also cheeses.

These are just a selection of Austria’s wine producing companies, some of which have a history of several centuries. Take time and pleasure to locate your favourites. For more information of each company’s productions, please contact and/or visit their respective websites. Also, E-mail: and

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