Wines: Some Favourite White’s

Many people enjoy a glass of white wine and, certainly, white wines (as do reds and other drinks) accompany numerous dishes too.


White wines tend to be very popular to pair with fish, seafood and white meat dishes, whilst reds are great with red meats and steaks, etc. Sweet wines are a favourite with a good number of desserts – even some being poured over ice cream – splendid! For this quest I looked at white wines, which are excellent on their own, but can be paired with a lot of cuisine.

ALVARINHO (12% vol) from Portugal is an extremely popular Vinho Verde DOC. This production is made in partnership with Casal de Ventozela, in northern Portugal. With grapes sourced from vineyards situated close to the Atlantic Ocean and by keeping the wine on its lees for four months, following fermentation, this defines the stone fruit flavours, including apple and peach and enhances the richness of this wine.

VERDECA (12.5% vol) from Italy is a further very popular choice for many. This IGP production graces many dining tables, constantly. Produced in partnership with San Marzano, in the Puglia region of southern Italy, this wine has additional ‘comforts’, by including a little Sauvignon Blanc and Malvasia Bianca to the blend, to promote citrusy overtones. It is then aged in French oak barrels, for three months, to produce its elegance.

SAUVIGNON BLANC (12.5% vol) from New Zealand, again, is another white wine, selected regularly by white wine lovers. Made in partnership with Yealands Estate, this wine hails from Marlborough, which is known for cool nights and warm days that forward the fruit flavours for this production.

There are many more white wines that are selected very often and – as they say, ‘each to their own’. I have my preferences and please, take the time and pleasure to locate your favourites.

These wines are located at a MORRISONS store. I found them in their ‘the Best’ range. The several ranges of wines and drinks have increased over recent years and now offer vast, excellent choices be it red or white wines, something stronger or non-alcoholic beverages. For more details and information, please visit the website.

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